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Certifications & Badges

Offensive Pentesting Learning Path.png
Jr Penetration Tester Learning Path.png
CompTIA Pentest+ Learning Path.png
Web Fundamentals Learning Path.png
Complete Beginner Learning Path.png
Pre Security Learning Path.png
Intoduction to Cybersecurity Learning Path.png
Cyber Defense Learning Path.png
Red Teaming Learning Path.png
SOC Level 1 Learning Path.png
365 Day Streak Badge.png
OhSINT Badge.png
Phishing Badge.png
Advent of Cyber 4 Badge.png
Wireshark Badge.png
180 Day Streak Badge.png
Mr Robot Badge.png
ADversary Badge.png
90 Day Streak Badge.png
Pentesting Principles Badge.png
Pentester Tools Badge.png
Intro to Web Hacking Badge.png
Linux PrivEsc Badge.png
Blue Badge.png
Metasploitable Badge.png
Hash Cracker Badge.png
OWASP Top 10 Badge.png
Burp'ed Badge.png
Webbed Badge.png
30 Day Streak Badge.png
cat linux.txt badge.png
World Wide Web Badge.png
Networking Nerd Badge.png
Advent of Cyber 3 Badge.png
7 Day Streak Badge.png
Advent of Cyber 2022 Cert.png
Advent of Cyber 2021 Cert.png
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