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Who is Considered the Best Cybersecurity Company in the World?

If you’re looking for the best cybersecurity company in the world, you might be surprised to learn that there isn’t necessarily a clear consensus. Depending on whom you ask, you might get a different answer. Some believe that the best cybersecurity company provides the most comprehensive and effective security solutions. Others may feel that the best company has the most innovative products or offers outstanding customer service. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to decide what criteria are most important when choosing a cybersecurity provider. However, we can look at some of the leading contenders for the title of best cybersecurity company to get a better sense of who’s currently at the top of their game.

The top 10 best cybersecurity companies in order are:

  1. McAfee

  2. Palo Alto Networks

  3. Fortinet

  4. Cisco

  5. CyberArk

  6. IBM

  7. CrowdStrike

  8. Check Point

  9. Microsoft

  10. Proofpoint

It’s important to note that this list is not my opinion. This list is just considering many other people’s opinions and averaging them across many different sources. The full explanation of how this list was put together is at the end of the article.


McAfee has been setting industry standards in the world of cybersecurity for decades. Their commitment to innovative technology, customer service, and data protection is unparalleled. With a highly experienced team of security professionals, McAfee provides solutions tailored to fit the needs of individuals and organizations, offering services for everything from antivirus protection to data loss prevention. What’s more, their end-to-end encryption ensures maximum security for sensitive information being sent over networks.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is widely considered one of the world’s top cybersecurity providers. Their products offer advanced and comprehensive network security technology designed with top-tier security performance in mind. In addition, they provide threat prevention solutions across multiple cloud environments, offering omnichannel visibility to detect and block malicious traffic no matter where it’s coming from or where it’s going. What sets Palo Alto Networks apart is its unified approach to threat prevention. This means they provide an integrated solution that can protect your organization from threats regardless of whether they come from within your environment, external networks, or even mobile devices. Palo Alto Networks’ portfolio of tools also gives users maximum flexibility in protecting against potential cyber threats. Their solutions encompass everything from traditional network firewalls to advanced malware protection and identity management solutions so that you can tailor the right plan for your organization’s needs.


Fortinet is widely recognized as one of the top cybersecurity companies due to its plethora of security products that are constantly updated with state-of-the-art technology. Fortinet offers an end-to-end protection suite that includes firewalls, secure web gateways, and more. Its solutions detect Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), zero days threats, and targeted attacks by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and fast automation with human expertise to ensure businesses are appropriately defended against malicious threats. The fortified Security Fabric helps customers identify any potential risk proactively, thus fortifying corporate networks from potential breaches. This technology also features single-click provisioning, reducing downtime and lowering operational costs with constant feature updates and enhancements to existing services.


Cisco is a trusted name in the cybersecurity world, offering superior protection and support. Their products and services are constantly being developed to meet the latest security threats head-on. With decades of experience in networking and security, they have unparalleled expertise in designing solutions that keep businesses safe from cyber criminals. Cisco also invests heavily in research and development to stay ahead of emerging trends and cyber-attacks so you can rest assured that your information is secure. In addition, their wide range of products makes them one of the most comprehensive cyber security companies in the world; whether you’re looking for firewalls, virus protection, or privacy protection, Cisco has your back with cutting-edge solutions that work.


CyberArk is widely acknowledged as one of the leading cybersecurity companies in the world due to its extensive expertise and robust engineering. Its world-class solutions allow organizations to proactively secure privileged accounts, permanently store privileged account credentials, protect data, reduce compliance risk and enforce policy while empowering and controlling access for employees and third-party vendors. As a result, CyberArk offers unrivaled enterprise protection against the most sophisticated cyber threats, giving information technology (IT) teams complete control over their critical assets no matter where they are deployed. Additionally, the company’s comprehensive cybersecurity posture provides organizations with seamless operational continuity and visibility into all privileged activities.


IBM is a pioneer in the cybersecurity industry and has been nationally recognized for providing some of the most comprehensive Cybersecurity solutions on the market. Since its founding in 1911, IBM has built upon its decades of experience developing IT infrastructure to become a leader in addressing cyber threats. Their Cognitive Security Operations solution provides continuous threat management and visibility across physical, virtual, cloud-oriented, and mobile environments, allowing organizations to protect critical data and comply with regulations continuously. In addition to this cutting-edge technology, their professional services reach beyond managed security services, including customized consulting engagements with security strategy mapping and architecture design that adhere to established best practices.


CrowdStrike is a leading cybersecurity company that provides the tools and technology to detect, protect, respond and remediate threats from advanced adversaries and nation-state activity. Over the last several years, they have become premier comprehensive cyber protection solutions providers. Their platform offers capabilities to prevent breaches and detect potential intrusions while gathering threat intelligence and forensics data to inform responses, implement effective mitigation strategies, and guide incident response professionals. CrowdStrike has a seasoned team of security experts with decades of proven experience in offensive security operations, computer forensics analysis, threat intelligence analysis, malware reverse engineering, and incident response tactics that help them stay ahead of the pack when it comes to providing cutting-edge resources against novel threats. This global reach and its extensive portfolio of products and services make CrowdStrike one of the best cybersecurity companies in the world.

Check Point

Check Point has consistently proven itself to be one of the top players in the field of cybersecurity. Founded in 1993, it is a leader in threat prevention and response, safeguarding businesses from cyber threats with an unrivaled catch rate of malware and other attacks. Their products take a proactive approach to cyber security, offering multi-layered protection to minimize threats and provide seamless access to data over secure networks. The company also performs periodic vulnerability scans for deep insight into an organization’s IT infrastructure. This helps them identify and address outdated systems or processes to protect businesses from new threats or exploits. With its superior products and consistent research and development efforts, Check Point has solidified itself as one of the foremost names in cybersecurity today.


Microsoft has consistently led the way when it comes to cybersecurity. Whether it’s Windows, Office Suite, Exchange Server, or any of its other products and services, they have always focused on providing the best security solutions. From extensive research and development into new products aimed at protecting users from malicious attacks to taking steps such as investing heavily in AI to safeguard user data and identities, Microsoft is firmly showing why they are considered one of the global leaders in this field. In addition, Microsoft is an unsurpassed leader in innovation in the industry, making them one of the top choices for businesses and consumers looking for reliable and effective cybersecurity solutions.


Proofpoint stands out from other cybersecurity companies by its commitment to staying ahead of the ever-changing landscape of digital threats. With a proven track record in stopping attacks via email, web, and mobile devices for large enterprises worldwide, Proofpoint has made its mark as one of the best in digital security. Their methodical approach to cyberattacks provides an up-to-date detection system that delivers analytics and solid visibility into attack campaigns. Furthermore, Proofpoint assists its clients in developing Human Layer Security designed to help protect against sophisticated threats. With all these features, Proofpoint has become a leader among cybersecurity companies.


Businesses must stay ahead of the curve by investing in reliable and effective cybersecurity solutions. It’s hard to determine who the “best” cybersecurity company is. Many people in this field will give you a different answer. All things considered, this list is just considering many other people’s opinions and averaging them together. The cybersecurity companies listed in this post are undoubtedly among the leading names in the industry, each offering cutting-edge technologies to help protect businesses and consumers against malicious attacks. These companies have helped set the standard for cybersecurity today. Investing in one of these top cybersecurity solutions can be crucial in protecting your data and staying safe online.

How was this list generated?

To find out who is considered the best cybersecurity company in the world, I turned to internet research. I googled “Who is Considered the Best Cybersecurity Company in the World?”. I clicked on the first 30 links that google gave me concerning this question (in statistics, 30 is widely considered a good sample size). I wrote down every company mentioned in every post and counted how many times they were mentioned across the 30 sources. McAfee was the top-mentioned company, which is why they are in the number one spot on my list. IBM and Cloud Strike were mentioned the same amount of times, so to break the tie, I took their average placement into account and found that IBM was slightly more favored in the 30 sources compared to Cloud Strike. The same thing applies to the tie between Check Point and Microsoft. Check Point, on average, was rated higher than Microsoft across the 30 sources I read.



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