• Kyser Clark

100 Days of Code - Day 74

Unfortunately, I had to take two days off from 100 Days of Code. I made it 73 days in a row, which I am VERY proud of. I was unable to put time into python the last two days due to a YouTube video that took me about 24 hours to produce and TryHackMe as well as setting my 2022 Goals. I definitely need to streamline my YouTube video creation process. I'm still fairly new to it so I will get better with time. The video looks great by the way. It turned out better than I could imagine. My editing skills are top tier if I say so myself. It can be seen here https://youtu.be/UFBT2Nq4BvI, and it was totally worth taking two days off of 100 Days of Code to make it.

Anyways, back in the saddle again today! In 1.5 hours, I read Chapter 6: Manipulating Strings in Automate the Boring Stuff with Python by Al Sweigart and answered the practice questions. Tomorrow I will code out the two projects: Table Printer, and Zombie Dice Bots, and move on to Part II of the Book: Automating Tasks.

Total Time Dedicated to Python Learning = 210 hours


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