• Kyser Clark

100 Days of Code - Day 64

Put in three solid hours today. I finished Chapter 19: User Accounts in Python Crash Course by Eric Matthes and continued about a third of the way on to Chapter 20: Styling and Deploying an App. I'll be honest, I stopped coding in the last section of Chapter 19. From this point on I will only be reading the book and not coding along. This is because I officially lost all desire to learn web development. A simple website takes so many lines of code, it's insane. It's not fun to me and I can't grasp my head around everything the author is throwing at me at this point. My goal is to finish reading the book and hope that at least some of the information sticks in my brain. My goal is to be a hacker. Not a web developer. I only need to know enough to break into websites, not build them from scratch. The thief knows how to infiltrate the castle and take what he/she wants. The thief doesn't need to know how every stone was placed, as the thief only needs a single way in and a single way out.

Total Time Dedicated to Python Learning = 171.25 hours


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