• Kyser Clark

100 Days of Code - Day 41

I logged 5 hours today. It took me 4 hours and 50 minutes to complete Chapter 5: Dictionaries in the Python Crash Course book by Eric Matthes. It seems a bit trivial to spend that much time on one chapter. However, I must admit dictionaries and nesting wasn't my strong suit going into this. However, spending a lot of time in the "Try It Yourself" sections, I feel a lot more comfortable working with dictionaries, and especially dictionaries inside dictionaries, lists in dictionaries, and dictionaries inside lists. Nesting can get a little complex, but I have a firm understanding of how it works now. I spent the remaining 10 minutes of my time reading the first five pages of Chapter 6: User Input and While Loops, where I will begin my coding session tomorrow.

My exercises from the book are attached:

Download ZIP • 4KB

Total Time Dedicated to Python Learning = 124.5 hours


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