• Kyser Clark

100 Days of Code - Day 23

I only had time to put an hour into Python learning today due to a school project. I made a little progress with my Blackjack game. I created the Player Class, which establishes a player with a starting betting balance. Inside the player class, I have a method that allows players to place bets and collect bet winnings. I spent most of my time thinking about the overall game logic and how it fits with the classes I have already made and the upcoming classes and functions I have to make. This seems to be more challenging than I initially thought. I now have a whole new respect for game developers. Tomorrow I will continue coding out the game.

My Jupyter notebook is attached:

Kyser Clark's Blackjack Day 2
Download IPYNB • 3KB

Total Time Dedicated to Python Learning = 61 hours

Image Source: Dice


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