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100 Days of Code - Day 22

Today, I could only put in an hour into Python because I had a basketball game today. I'm happy to say we won and our team is 2-0 for the season! I cannot play due to a knee injury, but coaching the team from the sidelines and winning is still fun! I'm hoping my knee injury heals up in the next couple months so I can catch the tail end of the season.

I officially started milestone Project 2 in the Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python Udemy Course by Jose Portilla.

To be honest, I didn't code a lot; I set card attributes such as suit, rank, and value, and I created the card and deck classes, and that is it.

I spent most of my time researching how Blackjack is actually played because I would like to program the game to be more like the real-world version of the game over the watered-down instructor's version. I only played Blackjack on Fallout: New Vegas, and even that video game does not emulate Blackjack properly. Therefore, I spent time researching the game to provide a better experience to players and give me additional challenges. For example, I had no idea when to shuffle the deck of cards while playing Blackjack, and I want my program to emulate the real rules as much as possible. Now that I have the rules down, I can start thinking about the game logic and get into the weeds of coding out the game. I think the final version will be better than what is needed to complete the project, but my goal is to learn Python and be a better programmer in the long run, not turn in an assignment for a grade. More coding = more learning!!

My Jupyter Notebook is attached:

Kyser Clark's Blackjack
Download IPYNB • 2KB


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