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100 Days of Code - Day 20

Today I put in 3.5 hours into learning Python. Continuing on my path to complete the Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python Udemy Course by Jose Portilla.

I started with learning __name__ and "__main__" to finish up section 0: Modules and Packages and then proceeded to go into section 10: Errors and Exceptions Handling, which included:

  • Errors and Exception Handling

  • Errors and Exceptions Homework

  • Pylint Overview

  • Running tests with the Unittest Library

Once section 10 was complete, the next step was going into section 11: Milestone Project - 2. I have watched all Milestone Project 2 Section Warmup videos. The warmup video is a full-fledge game of the War card game where Jose goes through:

  • Card Class

  • Deck Class

  • Player Class

  • Game Logic - Part One

  • Game Logic - Part Two

  • Game Logic - Part Three

Tomorrow I will code along with these warmup videos and create a game of war myself.

Lastly, I watched the Milestone Project 2 Overview, where Jose tells the student what Project 2 is. Project 2 is a one-player Blackjack game where a player plays and bets against a computer dealer.

Just like Milestone Project 1, I am electing to go with the challenging route. This means I will not be looking at the solutions video or following the course guide for assistance while I code out this game. This choice will be much harder, take longer, and be more frustrating to go through, but in the end, it will make me a better programmer and force me to understand Python more. I need this because I eventually would like to get to an advanced level of understanding in Python. We will see how it goes in the coming days. I feel confident in my abilities, but just like the Tic Tac Toe game, I know this will be challenging and rewarding.

All work I did today is attached:

__name__ == to __main__ test
Download ZIP • 451B

Day 20
Download IPYNB • 13KB

02-Errors and Exceptions Homework
Download IPYNB • 3KB

Running Tests with the Unittest Library
Download ZIP • 188B

Total Time Dedicated to Python Learning = 57 hours

Image Source: Dice


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