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100 Days of Code - Day 13

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Today was the day I finished my tic tac toe game! My first ever program in any language!

I didn't look at the solutions, or the "help getting started" content in the Udemy course I have been following. Because of this, it took me longer to get a working tic tac toe game. However, I believe I came out a better programmer for choosing the challenging route. I ran into many errors and problems during this endeavor, but I understand how python and programming works so much more now.

I spent 7 hours today working on the code and another hour cleaning it up and adding comments for a total of 8 hours. So overall, it took me 16 hours across five days to finish the tic tac toe game.

It took 28.75 hours of learning to make this happen. So overall, up to this point, I have spent 44.75 hours working with Python across 13 days. That is 3.44 hours per day.

Tomorrow I will look at the solutions and the guidance for the tic tac toe game and will follow along and create a new tic tac toe game and take note of any efficiencies I missed along the way doing this milestone without help.

The .txt file is attached.

To run the game you need to:

  1. Install Python 3.6 or higher

  2. Download the .txt file below

  3. convert the .txt file into a .py file

  4. open the .py file

Kyser Clark's Tic Tac Toe
Download TXT • 12KB

Alternatively you can view the code on my Github

Image Source: StockLib


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