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100 Days of Code - Day 1

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Today I spent about 3 hours in total getting started with my coding journey.

I began by first creating a Github account (KyserClark). Once I made my Github account, I committed to the 100 days of code challenge publically across social media.

Next, I filled out my profile information, created the README.me, and completed the Github "Hello World" tutorial where I...

  • Created an open source repository

  • Started and managed a new branch

  • Changed a file and committed those changes to GitHub

  • Opened and merged a Pull Request

With the basics of Github out of the way, I started the Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python Udemy Course by Jose Portilla.

It's worth noting at this point that before I started today, I previously watched the first few videos of the course up to the point where the instructor had me install Anaconda.

So I hit the ground running today.

I launched the Jupyter Notebook app inside Anaconda and learned the basics of how it works, and watched an overview of some free browser-based Python resources.

Today the course showed me:

  • Running Python Code

  • How to get course material (notebooks)

  • Git and Github overview

  • Introduction to Python Data Types

  • Python Numbers

I even read Floating Point Arithmetic: Issues and Limitations in its entirely for better understanding.

I read the entirety of the 1st chapter of the course book (in Jupyter notebook form).

Then, I went over the things not covered in the video.

Lastly, I completed the simple math coding exercise and completed the 3 question quiz. My Jupyter Notebook is attached:

Day 1
Download IPYNB • 10KB

Tomorrow I start with learning Variable Assignments...

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